How Anadrol Works in Bodybuilding?

Anadrol is popular because of its contribution to bodybuilding. As everybody knows, Anadrol is an illegal anabolic steroids for sale taken by many bodybuilders and athletes. This drug classifies as one of the most powerful chemicals made by this particular group of users. But behind that, it has big uses in the medical world.

If you find yourself reading this content because you might be thinking of using this substance. Probably, you do further research about the few questions that come to your mind. Like what is it is useful and what is the best of this drug at? When you reach the bottom line of this content, you will learn many things about Anadrol steroid pills for sale including the uses, doses, stacks, and possible side effects.

Meaning of Anadrol

Anadrol is the popular term for oxymetholone and does not be bothered with oxandrolone as it is popularly called Anavar. This product is highly competitive to other steroids like Dianabol (so popular in terms of oral steroids). Just like with Winstrol and Anavar, oxymetholone is derived also from dihydrotestosterone or DHT. This is 17-alpha alkylated steroids and the based result of the adaptation of DHT in the 17th carbon position. In this case, Anadrol’s quality makes it easy to be orally active.

Moreover, Anadrol is a highly anabolic steroids for sale. The ratio of anabolic to androgenic is really higher compared to other properties. Take note that the anabolic potency is three times effective to testosterone in three hundred twenty. But in terms of androgenic strength, it is lower than forty-five for male androgen hormone.

Medical Benefits and Uses

Aside from benefits in bodybuilding, Anadrol steroid pills for sale have been used in many cases for medical purposes. Although these recent few years, the medical intention has reduced. Anadrol used to treat anemia because many believed that it can improve erythropoiesis than any other anabolic steroids for sale. The system of secretion in hormone erythropoietin adds it made the red blood cells count developed.

Besides anemia, Anadrol used to treat patients who suffered muscle wasting because of HIV/AIDS. Many studies claimed that the anabolic steroids for sale promoted weight gains to AIDS patients. These patients suffered muscle wasting up to eight kilograms.

Anadrol is a common drug to treat osteoporosis. As it can promote muscle growth for malnourished patients, boost appetite, and develops strength levels.

Non-Medical Benefits and Uses

As to how Anadrol steroids pills for sale gains its popularity, it is really an effective benefit to the bodybuilders and sportsperson. It develops protein synthesis for mass gain in body mass. That is why many bodybuilders in the bodybuilding community used definitely Anadrol in the first compound of their bulking cycle. Especially to the experienced bodybuilders because the effect is noticeably after. Although it is expected to disappear right away after stopping the utilization. So what the others do to extend the length of effects, they do stacking with other compounds.

The low binding affinity makes the quality of the product to become an ideal in building mass for bodybuilding purposes. And studies came up that it also helps to lower the sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) as it can bind to free testosterone in the body. And guarantee to acquire more anabolic benefits from male hormones. This made the product to have a perfect inclusion if used in a bulking stack.

Anadrol has usually use properties in most of the athletes especially to those weights is no constraint in the competition. This drug improves the athletes in boosting their energy levels and ends in better performance.

How to administer Anadrol?

Anadrol is popular oral legal steroids for sale which appears to be an effective tablet. Takers usually take the dosage of fifty milligrams. The reason why is probably called Anadrol 50. The quality of the drug boasts when it comes to oral takings. It is considered one of the most potent oral legal steroids for sale available in the market. As the potency sustains even passing through your liver.

Aside from the oral forms, there is another form of the compound like liquid, capsules, and paper. And of course, the prices vary depending on the form you acquired. And paper is the most costly among the forms. But over the years, the dosage varies from one to another. Obviously, the condition of the users matters most. It depends on the medical condition status of the users. So it is important to refer the prescription from the medical expert from time to time to avoid the side effects.

Recommended Dosage

Based on the FDA guideline, the medical dosage of Anadrol is one to two milligrams per kilogram of body weight per day. But in bodybuilding, it varies. It is definitely higher. Usually, for medical purposes, the dosage takes the range from 2.5 milligrams up to thirty milligrams per day.

On the other hand for the bodybuilding world, the dosage daily begins in twenty-five milligrams especially for the starters of this drug. Because for the advance and intermediate users they used to take one hundred fifty milligrams per day.

But some research discovered that there are no special extra benefits of taking one hundred fifty milligrams per day over one hundred milligrams per day. Only one thing for sure that you may acquire, and that is the increase of side effects. Although some claim that there is a big distinction of good results in fifty milligrams a day.

Maybe you have second thoughts in terms of the biological half-life of the product. But the fact is the active life of the drug is believed to be less than sixteen hours. So the best recommendation for it is to split the daily dosage into two smaller ones. Take the first one in the morning and the other one at night or in the afternoon.

Anadrol Stacking and its Cycles

Experts said that Anadrol can be the best stack in injection. Since the slow-acting anabolic chemical is quite effective in mass gains. Usually, the bodybuilders stack Anadrol with other types of legal steroids for sales like Deca Durabolin, Testosterone enanthate, and Trenbolone enanthate. The oral active compound is not advisable for stacking purposes.

As mentioned above, oxymetholone is best in stacking for bulking and improving the strength gaining phase. But it is not only the mere reason for the usage. It became less popular because in the middle of the phase to manage the plateau and the development is a little bit slow. That is why many users use this at the end of the phase to finish with a strong build-up.

And remember that Anadrol must not be exceeded in the taking more than six weeks. This is to avoid the danger or the possible damage of the liver in the body. Although you can still continue the taking of injectable with a similar stack.

The Danger and the Side Effects of Anadrol

One of the ingredients of Anadrol legal steroids for sale is the high level of hepatotoxic substance which is toxic to the liver. It is classified as the worst substance among all legal steroids for sale. Since it resists the breakdown of the liver that makes it harsh to the organ.

If the takers use Anadrol injectable steroids for sale for a longer time the issues to health vary. It may be the cause of hepatitis, cirrhosis in the liver, or worst liver cancer. So the advice is to test regularly for the liver function test. Aside from that the unusual thing about Anadrol is the high level of estrogenic activity. Somewhat unusual for this product since it is a DHT derivative. The aromatase enzyme must not come up to aromatize to become estrogenic metabolites.

In other words, the estrogenic activity has been a mystery till now. Although there are many still believe that Anadrol can be able to bind and work out the estrogen receptor. This can happen even without converting it into female hormones.

However, the consequences of this mysterious activity are the side effects that the users may suffer. These side effects are fluid retention, bloating, and worst for men is the enlargement of breast tissue. Just like with other usual injectable steroids for sale, Anadrol makes your cardiovascular health in danger. Unwanted effects of the balancing of cholesterol may occur in the blood. And worst of all it can lift the blood pressure of the users.

Can it be the cause of gyno?

Affirmative since it cannot do the aromatization like other injectable steroids for sale. So there is no interaction of the aromatase enzyme or conversion of Estradiol within the body. The reason why it is usual to both common ancillary drugs, and aromatase inhibitors.

Though it stimulates estrogen receptors by the process of unknown biological ways and ends up in gynecomastia. And Anadrol is the possible drug which can be able to manage gynecomastia.

Can it be a pure bulking substance?

Definitely, as many bodybuilders wanted this product so much that it can bulk up so fast. Accordingly, it can subdue your appetite with the fifty milligrams of the dosage of Anadrol. And this is because the drug can make liver stress. So if you are starving, always note or watch your net calorie intake. Since it is one way of working with the cutting cycle.

However, mass gains are still possible for this case. And it will be simpler to manage the water retention of your body.

Can it tax your liver?

Absolutely since Anadrol is considered hepatotoxic. Therefore liver supplement is essential as you are in the process of the cycle. TUDCA is one of the most effective and helpful ways. And the most important to remember is avoid taking drugs which can compromise the health of your liver.

Can drinking alcohol be possible?

Yes, it all depends on yours since you are in control. But if you do so, it will be hard for your body to contain the anabolic steroids for sale of Anadrol with alcohol. However if the drinking happens only on weekends, the body is fine as long as you also take liver support supplements.

But if you drink alcohol like every day, then you are really in serious trouble. The best solution for this is to choose either of the two.

Can it be possible to work with an Anadrol-only phase?

Anadrol is one of the most popular and powerful injectable steroids for sale in the world. You can still achieve the best outcome that you imagine if it is used standalone for a certain phase. So you must attain fourteen to eighteen pounds. But if your body is on point, testosterone may not serve as the base.

Now the question is, can you sustain the muscle you gain? Anadrol injectable steroids for sale works this way. As you take an exogenous DHT-derived drug such as Anadrol, it will push your body to shut its power in providing testosterone production.

But it is considered as a low level for being a representative of testing which can affect the necessary physiological roles. An example of this is libido as it will crash probably in the third-week phase of the cycle. As you are about to finish the cycle and jump on post cycle therapy, it can take up to three to four weeks for your body to restore again.

At this period you are activating the function even without testosterone. Then your body will no longer contain hormones that hold up the muscles you gain from this substance. Then the muscle will definitely fall gradually. Therefore you will lose everything you have.


If you have a strong heart and strong motivation, Anadrol steroids pills for sale have potent aims of supercharging muscle mass benefits. And most of the bodybuilders include bulking stacks to develop strength for acquiring a better performance.

But always bear in mind that if taking it longer, there is a dangerous sign to the health of the takers specifically the liver organ.

Lastly, this Anadrol steroid pills for sale are known to be an illegal drug for bodybuilding and developing performance enhancement. So better to think many times before taking it if you are a first-timer. Since there are many natural options for this activity such as growth hormones which can give the best results. These results are muscle gain, greater endurance, and energy boost which the drug offers. 


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